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Zipper December 2013


My Disneybound as Ursula for my 21st. Got a dress with a train to hook up over my wrist like a tentacle!
And my best friend’s disneybound as flotsome/jetsome with scaley sea green dress and spikey shoes and necklace!

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Anime North is the fourth largest anime convention in North America. The convention is held in Toronto May 23rd to the 25th near the Toronto Pearson Airport.

  Anime North Fashion Show is looking for participants for their Style Section and Designer Section.

Style Section  Features a showcase of different Japanese street fashion. The models on the stage are individuals who own and wear different varieties of Japanese street fashion and wish to demonstrate their love of their favorite style! This year’s selection include:
J-rock/Visual Kei
Dolly Kei/Natural Kei
From previous years,  the lolita section always has the most participants (upwards of 30). This year’s fashion show has a limit of 30 participants per section. Therefore application and selection process have been put in place.

Submissions for the lolita section are being accepted via a online form. Application must include a worn photo of potential outfit and contact information.
The application can be received through the Southern Ontario Lolita Community or by emailing fashionshow@animenorth.com
Inquiries can be made via email or the Facebook page

Deadline to apply: April 30th 

Other Anime North News:
Misako Aoki will be returning to Canada 
The Lolita Tea Party Tea Party Tickets are on Sale 
The Fashion Swap Registration Opens April 20th

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For iamcupcakeandtea…. buttcape in this outfit

elegant gothic birdstyle for elyuu
💫Take my love, take my land, take me where i cannot stand. I don’t care I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me.🍃 #shirtwoot #firefly #serenity


Olenna Tyrell is a mean girl